Chemical Peels

Formulations Tailored Just for You.

Schaberg Dermatology offers a range of facials and chemical peels, designed to help you achieve your best complexion by addressing your specific skin care needs.

Chemical Peels Deliver Safe and Effective Skin Rejuvenation

Chemical peels use a specially formulated chemical solution to remove damaged skin layers, forcing the skin to regenerate itself. As the skin heals, a clear, younger-looking complexion is revealed. Treatments are safe, but we advise you to be cautious with sun exposure afterwards. Keeping out of direct sunlight will prevent uneven pigmentation and help keep your post-treatment skin healthy.  Prices range from $50 to $100.

What to Expect with Chemical Peel Treatments

Chemical peels can help you see a dramatic reduction in the appearance of sun spots and age spots. In addition, chemical peels help improve the appearance of acne, acne scars and irregularities in your skin’s pigmentation. Schaberg Dermatology performs consistent and safe peels with predictable results for all skin types, with no downtime. Experience improvement in epidermal texture and tone, and lessen the appearance of superficial lines.

The experts at Schaberg Dermatology can formulate your chemical peel so that it is mild on the skin while still being effective. And after treatment you will enjoy a healthy, more youthful look and feel. More dramatic results are provided with a series of peels followed by monthly maintenance peels.


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