Acne Treatments

Address Active Acne and Prevent Future Breakouts.

Acne can be frustrating. As a medical dermatology office, we offer an entire range of prescription acne treatments, from topical agents and antibiotics to hormonal agents and isotretinoin. Sometimes patients need a little more help with the following treatments that provide the extra mechanisms needed to obtain clear skin.

Quick and Effective Acne Facial Treatments

Medical-Level Microdermabrasion

A soft brush and gentle vacuum exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and congested pores. This is followed by manual extraction of clogged pores. This treatment is great for acne and texture improvement.

Medical-Grade Chemical Peel

Chemical peels loosen and remove dead skin cells, oil and debris attached to the skin’s surface to improve acne, discoloration and texture.

Acne Laser Treatments for Clearer Skin

Red/Blue Light Therapy

A gentle, light treatment clears blemishes by killing bacteria, calming inflammation, and shrinking sebaceous glands. Best results are seen with twice weekly alternating 20 minute treatments for four weeks with occasional follow-up sessions, if necessary.

TheraClear Acne System

The TheraClear™ acne system is a state-of-the-art acne treatment device that addresses multiple causes of acne in a single treatment. By combining light and vacuum, the TheraClear system delivers fast and visible reduction in acne and associated redness. Multiple treatments may be required for best results.

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